Raj Bhatia, M.D.
Medical Director


Critical Care Medicine is a specialty that involves the management of patients with complex and life threatening illness or injury.

The Critical Care Medicine physician – “Intensivist” - coordinates the care of the critically ill patient in the hospital with other medical or surgical specialties. The intensivist meets with the patient and family to provide information regarding the patient’s condition, diagnosis, testing, treatment and prognosis.


At West Coast Critical Care Specialists, Inc. we promote the health of individuals by working with each patient to provide the ultimate level of care using the most up-to-date medical research and treatment guidelines.

We respect our patients’ decisions about their health care and strive to educate and support our patients and their families so that informed choices are made.

This website is for information and educational use only. It should not be construed as medical advice or instruction. If you need medical advice, see your health care provider.

Welcome to West Coast Critical Care Specialists, Inc.

The Intensivist Programs at St. John's Regional Medical Center in Oxnard, California and St. John's Pleasant Valley Hospital in Camarillo, California are contracted services provided by West Coast Critical Care Specialists, Inc

As part of this program, a board-certified critical care specialist ("intensivist") is available for all critical care patients every hour of every day. By requiring our intensivists to be board-certified in critical care, we ensure our physicians are up-to-date on the most advanced medical pathways for care in the ICU/CCU. Staffing critical care units with intensivists has been shown to reduce the risk of patients dying in these units by 40 percent.